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Tired Sexy Secretary In Need Of A Sensual Treat To Her Sore Feet

Occupied by tons of paperwork, Redsnow looks strained from it all. However, even with a troubled face, she still maintains a comely aura. The buttons on her top are struggling to hold her big tits in. The tattooed hottie's latex skirt, skintoned stockings, and shiny pumps tauntingly added to her innate sexiness. While she's absorbed with her job, Redsnow discards her heels to free her sore feet, wiggling her toes and rotating her ankles to minimize the pain for a bit. Completely fed up with her work, she strips her top off, freeing her tits, before stretching. Satisfaction is written all over her face, but there's a glint of something mischievous in her eyes. A sensual treat from a man's dick between the arches of her soles would be a perfect way to relax. As it's time to go home, Redsnow wishes to make the thought come true.

Date Added: March 24, 2024


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