Five ways to worship a foot in nylon


Foot worship is one of the most beautiful sex approaches, even when feet are covered with a silky nylon sock. It is really exciting and there is no doubt that a lot of people likes doing this. It’s not rare that foot feticism is accompained with other sexual practices such as submission. If it is lived only in a love relationship and it’s not limitated to an orgasm caused of that part of a bosy, this sexual practice could be a very exciting preliminar and can contribute to consolidate intimacy. But there are also theories which classify various forms of feticism like a pathologic sexual deviation, for example if it’s done in an exclusive or paid way.

But there are a lot of different ways to worship a foot in nylon: here we will see only five of them.
Just remember that the most important thing to do when you are going to worship a part of your beloved’s body is being sure you use your fantasy and all your emotions!

  1. Tickling

    Tickling means that you have to tickle your beloved’s foot with hands, plumes or little brushes. It’s not rare that the one who tickles ties the other (whose feet are “tortured” but at the same time worshipped) to a chair or something like this to avoid movements. The “torturer” is satisfied only if the “tortured” laughs during the activity.

  2. Footjob

    Such as blowjob, handjob, etc., it indicates that it has something to do with a sexual job: in that case, the worshipped nylon foot masturbates the penis of the man. Nice, don’t you think?

  3. Sniffing/Licking

    These are two ways, but it’s better to put them together, because they involve two senses that are linked in feticism: smell and taste. The most common case is when feet are malodorous and sweaty: many people feel a real orgasm by smelling and tasting their beloved’s nylon feet.

  4. Feding from feet

    Yes, it involves the act of eating by grabbing food directly from the partner’s nylon feet. Doing this, the eater also licks and kisses the partner’s feet, worshipping them too.

  5. Trampling

    That quite extreme tecnique is about being trampled by your beloved. In that way you feel all her weight and also the sensation of her nylon foot on your body (it’s better if you’re naked).

In conclusion, feticism business is really florid: there are also forums on the net where you can found a lot of that kind of requests and where some people make more business than sex. De gustibus!