Why do people love Foot Fetishism


Foot have always held a particular position as one of the most sensual part of the body in many different cultures, and foot fetishism is one of the most common of all the sexual fetishisms, both for straight and gay people. It’s easy to understand why many people feel aroused by the sight of a nice pair of foot or have at least once been indulging in erotic games with them.

Since shoes have been invented, foot have been firmly hidden as the rest of the lower half of the body is by clothes. Socially, it’s considered inappropriate to show them in formal situations. Of course, it’s easy to spot someone walking bare-foot on the beach in summer, but otherwise the exposure of foot involves a precise dimension: a certain amount of intimacy. Maybe this adds to the fascination they provoke.

Foot worship has always been strongly linked to dynamics of domination, submission and humiliation, either in a playful way or to the extent of sadomasochistic practices. To massage, cuddle or kiss a lover’s feet has always been considered a sensual way to show adulation, and if combined with an alluring and submissive attitude, these acts may trigger an exciting feeling of power in the receiver.

Love Them

By the way, people who manifest this pronounced sexual interest are more likely to engage themselves in the role of the worshipper: real foot fetishists devote themselves to every aspect of this sexual object, to the point of refining their taste in detail. Some have a special taste for a certain shape or size, some only lust after a very defined part (usually toes and soles), some love them completely or partially naked.

Shoes, heels, stockings and socks, either clean or used, play an essential role in the game: every fetishist has a favourite way to dress (or undress) their objects of desire, and in many cases specific clothes act like favourite ornaments to decorate and emphasize them. Foot lovers consider used footwear very erotic, as it is sexually charged by being worn in contact with the skin and preserving its smell. Footwear and shoes almost become this way an extension of the objects of desire.

Obviously, the smell is a very appreciated element by fetishists. While some might like them very clean and perfumed, with a classy touch of nail polish and a soft skin, others might feel aroused by a different state of cleanliness, preferring the natural, sweaty odour. While some just find erotic gratification in the act of taking care of them, extreme fetishists enjoy being humiliated by being forced to kiss, lick or inhale a dirty pair.

In any case, foot worship might be a sexy first step to an exciting game of domination.