Learn how to love a foot in nylon


People who love feet (also nylon feet) includes cerebral men, which lead normal lives and relationships, but on the other hand they are always in search of a lot of women to free their feticism.
To love a foot in nylon is one of the most sexiest things ever. For a foot feticist, nylon feet are something irresistible, such as chocolate is for a child. Here we will learn how to love a foot in nylon and also how to worship it.

One of the simpliest things to do to love a foot in a nylon sock, is kissing it: starting from the silky thigh, through the calf and the delicate ankle, you will arrive to the bead, sendind shivers down the spine of your beloved one. Then, start kissing and licking the sole of her foot and, gently and one by one, her little and softly scented toes. With your face so near her foot, you can see clearly her decorated nails, if she likes being precious even in her shoes, or simply her pedicure: it is also a way to judge wether a person likes taking care of herself or not, because feet are like a mirror for our personality.

Another way to love a foot in nylon is tickling it: it has to be funny for both the players. The one who tickles, which could be you, enjoys the soft touch of the nylon foot and the sensation of having the partner in his hands. The one who receives the tickling, which could be your partner, feels loved and also submissive, and will start laughing: in that way, you will feel fully satisfied by tickling her (or, even, his) nylon foot.

And here we come to the sexiest way to love a nylon foot. There is a sexual practice called foot job…yeah, I guess everyone of you know what I am going to talk about. It is, practically, like a hand job, with the difference that, instead of the hand, it involves the nylon foot. It consists in stimulating the penis of the lucky guy with the nylon foot: the silky nylon touch on a body part so intimate will make your brain on extasy, and I can assure that you will feel one of the best orgasms in your life, if you love that kind of things. So, what are you waiting for?

Go asking your beloved one to make you a nylon foot job, instead of being glued to your pc!