All the Foot Fetish secrets


Foot are a part of the human body that has always been the focus for sexual interest in different times and parts of the world, just think of the famous Chinese women who used to bandage their foot to keep them small, or the traditional henna tattoos of the Indian girls. The obsession for foot, especially the female ones (even though women and gays share this taste as well for the male ones) is still very common nowadays and has found a great deal of expression in the fashion world. But while fashion may provide an exciting sight to lust after, a so-called “foot fetishist” needs more than that.

Kissing, licking, sniffing and massaging are just some of the few things true devotees do to the objects of their passion. A real fetishist loves to slowly undress a feet in order to carefully examine the shape in its entirety, from the toes to the arch, back to the big toe to the heel, and from the toenails to the sole.

A foot lover uses a lot the sense of smelling while worshipping his or her idols. They feel the urge to rub their faces and bury their nose between a nice pair of soles and no bad odour or scent of sweat will stop them. In fact for some of them, the dirtiest a feet is, the better. Shoes and footwear provide a very important role, especially if used.

Anyway, fetishism and worshipping are not necessarily limited to lascivious and submissive acts. Some fetishists prefer to indulge themselves in more “active” roles and games, that can be by turn playful or aggressive, but still sensual nonetheless. Tickling can be a funny, soft fore-play torture, as well as lightly biting the foot of a partner feeding food with it. For a more extreme form of role-playing, trampling can provide a form of stimulation by being literally stepped over, combining a mixture of pain and humiliation.

But in foot fetishism roles can reverse very quickly. A fetishist can be a devoted caring slave one second and suddenly find himself getting pleasure on the receiving end of a “foot-job” masturbation.

And finally, foot fetishist will always favour a position that involves the titillation of foot even during sexual intercourses. Positions where the receiving partner is on top of the other, or the common “doggy-style” and “sixty-nine” allow to simultaneously receive a genital and foot stimulation (and sometimes even getting a deeper penetration). A foot lover likes to have a nice sole to lick or just have if firmly planted on the head while having sex. It’s a gesture that always alludes to a form of domination, which is a key element in this kind of fetishism.